Durant (Randy) L. Spann is the Pastor and founder of Perfecting Prayer & Praise Ministries COGIC (3PM Church), founded December 5, 1999. Pastor Spann is a spirit-filled, anointed man of God, full of wisdom and integrity. He has a love for God and God’s people. He teaches practical ways of lifestyle evangelism to glorify God, edify the believers and evangelize the lost. He encourages God’s people to walk by faith and not by sight. He believes in having an “R” rated ministry and the “R” stands for Real; Real Praise, Real Worship, Real Word and Real Relationship.

Born on February 26, he is the youngest of three children, birthed to the late Elder David A. Spann Sr. and Dr. Brenda L. Waters-Spann. As a child, he would often preach his homework assignments not knowing that he would grow up to be a third-generation preacher with an awesome testimony of survival. At a young age, he served diligently at the Mason Memorial COGIC where Dr. C.B. Washington was his Pastor. There he began to grow in ministry. Pastor Spann served as a faithful drummer, trustee, deacon, and minister of the Gospel. He furthered his education at the C.H. Mason Bible College after his call to ministry. In June 2008, he received his Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management with a minor in Disciplinary Development from True Fellowship College Institute & Seminary located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Pastor Spann married his best friend and greatest supporter, Co-Pastor Grace Spann, on October 13, 1990. He is the proud father of five children, Bobbie, Durant II (Tabitha), and Jewel (Jordan) and three adorable grandchildren Lyrik, Dilen and Durant III (Duke). Pastor Spann is not only a full-time pastor but also a little league football coach and successful entrepreneur.

Pastor Spann “…blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behavior, give to hospitality, apt to teach” (1 Tim 3:2).

Pastor Spann has a love for God and God’s people.  He is a Joshua and he is anointed for this nour to deliver God’s people and bring them into their promise land.